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All Children Thrive California (ACT)+
Pomona's Promise+
SoCal Service Corps

"Join Pomona's Youth in Making a Difference: Your Voice Matters!"


Are you a young person in Pomona looking to make a difference in your community? Join us in a unique opportunity to shape the future of our parks and outdoor spaces. We're a group of young people working together to create a survey that will help us advocate for the resources we want in Pomona.


We've already started the process, sharing our experiences and discussing what we need to know to make positive changes. We've also been learning from the community, understanding their hopes and concerns for our parks. Now, we need you to help us take the next steps.


You'll have the chance to brainstorm and decide on the important questions we need to ask our peers and residents. You'll learn how to structure survey questions, understand the different possible answers, and decide what information we need to collect. 


But that's not all! You'll also learn how to use the Greenfly App, a tool used by companies worldwide. With Greenfly, you'll be able to capture and share photos and videos from our parks, recording what you love and what you're concerned about. You'll even have the chance to interview your friends and community members about the issues that matter most to you.

Not only will you contribute to making Pomona's parks better, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn up to $599 in educational stipends. Join us and make a difference in your community while gaining valuable skills and rewards.

Sign up today!

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